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The others, even if they had known, would have protected his privacy.” Williams and Susan Olsen (Cindy) agree that, for Reed, privacy was paramount.“It doesn’t surprise me that he kept that information to himself.” says Williams, who pauses to add, “This is still emotionally charged for me.

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Marie Haygood is not just a super assistant, she also is a super wife,, momma, manager and teacher, all of her children were homeschooled, Great Job!!!!

“THE BRADY BUNCH IS LIKE AHAB and the white whale,” says executive producer Sherwood Schwartz, who first conceived of the sitcom—the timeless and endearingly silly story of a man called Brady, his second wife and their six children (the three boys his, the three girls hers)—in 1966.

My relationship with Bob was as a friend, father and actor.” As to how or when Reed could have contracted AIDS, his TV family refuses to speculate.

“Nobody’s business,” says Olsen, when asked whether Reed—who has a daughter from a marriage that ended in divorce in 1959—was gay.

“It jumps out when you least expect it.” Well, Schwartz’s whale is back, sopping us all with the mild suburban travails of Greg, Bobby, Peter, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, newlywed parents Mike and Carol, and, of course, Alice, the maid.

The series, which aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974 (where it was regularly housed in the Nielsen Top 20), can now be seen in daily reruns on JOO stations.“There were a few of us who knew that he was HIV positive, and we protected his privacy,” says Florence Henderson (Reed’s TV wife, Carol Brady).”I really, honestly don’t think everyone on the show knew.I never discussed it with anyone except Barry Williams.who knows if these two are still together, but for sure one women remained by Williams side, his personal assistant Marie Haygood.Marie Haywood takes care of Williams career, well more like taking care Barry has his wardrobe, choreography and music ready for his daily performances, that is all she does and does it perfectly. Spencer), 58, born in 1956, attended at Sacred Hearts Academy in Hawaii, she then went to Leward Community College.“That feeling was shared by hundreds of thousands of young men. “There were stretches of time when our relationship was professional, and other times we’d find ourselves amorous,” he says. In 1970, during the show’s second season, the 15-year-old asked his TV mom, Florence Henderson, then 36, out on a date. “All the director knew was I was acting like a jerk.

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