Amber portwood dating child molestor

Here’s a look at 15 parents, on all ends of the celebrity and child-rearing spectrum, who are famous because of their talented children.

After everything had been settled, Birkhead and Dannielynn moved to Kentucky to find some time away from the limelight that the case had landed them in, but the duo still make yearly appearances at the Kentucky Derby where the photographer and playmate first met.

Another mom famous for her abnormally large brood, Michelle Duggar found fame after giving birth to 17 children.

While she used to keep fans in the loop on Hilary's love life (once famously spilling the beans at a photo shoot that Hilary was dating singer Joel Madden), Susan has fallen back out of the limelight since the early 2000s and now focuses on being a grandma for Hilary's scene-stealing son, Luca.

, MTV's second iteration of the popular famous-for-having-kids-at-a-young-age drama, while she was pregnant with her first child, son Jace.

While never quite as famous as Dina Lohan (no reality show for this Texas native), Hilary Duff's mom is still a recognizable face in the celebrity crowd.

Working as Hilary's manager, from the era of today, Susan often appeared alongside Hilary on red carpets and at public events.Amber has long struggled with a drug addiction—which was chronicled on TV—and gone through several stints in rehab, as well as time in jail for possession and domestic disputes.She's now living clean and sober, with shared custody of Leah, and a ring from fiancé, Matt Baier, reminding us that not all stories in this vein have to end unfortunately.Six months after that, Smith passed away from a prescription drug overdose.What followed was a highly publicized paternity suit between Larry Birkhead and Nicole's partner at the time, her attorney Howard K. Stern was listed on the birth certificate as Dannielynn's father, but Birkhead ultimately proved via DNA test that he was the rightful father.A scandal involving the oldest son's alleged molestation of minors ended the show's run in 2015, and his parents' decision to stand by him, in light of it all, has thrust Michelle into an entirely new aspect of fame and tabloid fodder.

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