Namibia nekatwoman - Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side excerpt

I’m still inspired by the classic English-literature canon, which is reflected in my books. You know, as I mentioned before, I didn’t really read YA lit before writing a YA novel – and I still don’t read it.For example, my character Lucius Vladescu loves literature, and in the first book does a rather dramatic classroom report on Wuthering Heights. Before, I just didn’t know much about the genre, but now I deliberately avoid that whole section of the bookstore because I don’t want to be influenced by what other YA writers are doing.

Drama—and bodies—pile up around Millie and she chases clues, snuggles Baxter the so-ugly-he's-adorable bassett hound, and storms out of the world's most awkward school dance/memorial mash-up. Best-selling author Beth Fantaskey's funny, fast-paced blend of Clueless and Nancy Drew is a suspenseful page-turner that is the best time a reader can have with buried weapons, chicken clocks, and a boy who only watches gloomy movies…but somehow makes Millie smile. Pair with Fantaskey's best-selling Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. A quirky cast and Millie's quasi-bumbling antics make Fantaskey's murder mystery a breezy and thoroughly entertaining read.

It's easy to get swept up in the buildup to the exciting final confrontation." – Publisher's Weekly "The fun comes from Millie's spunky sleuthing and Fantaskey's witty, cliffhanger chapter endings, which leave readers begging to turn the page.

” I got hired on the spot, and that’s what I’ve done ever since – thank goodness!

I write in my home office, which is a messy space that fortunately has a nice view of my neighbor’s gorgeous garden. As soon as they are out of the house, I sit down to work.

Millie's partner is gorgeous, smart—and keeping secrets Millie joins forces with her mysterious classmate Chase who seems to want to help her even while covering up secrets of his own.

She's starting to get a reputation…without any of the benefits.That’s an interesting question, because I think people experience that in a lot of different ways.I do have days where the words don’t seem to flow naturally, or I really have to struggle for ideas. I always give people the same boring but sincere advice, which is to treat writing like anything else you want to be good at – meaning practice every day.I get the sense that some people think writing is a “gift” that you either have or don’t have.But in my opinion, it’s also a talent that you can develop with hard work and practice.I guess that’s my way of breaking down the big job of writing a complete novel by looking at it as a series of small steps. I took that to the extreme by making Jessica’s birth parents vampires, because they are very close to “human” in terms of appearance and habits, and therefore almost within the realm of believability, but “monsters,” too. Vampire prince Lucius, in particular, was a vivid presence from the minute I started writing his first letter home to his uncle.

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