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In the State of Michigan, someone dies as a result of domestic violence every five days.3 The following accounts are excerpted from the Domestic Violence Project's report on "Michigan Domestic and Sexual Homicides: October 1996 to September 1997."4 (The full text of this document can be found in Appendix 2).

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Scattered about her on the living room floor were the bodies of four small children who had also been stabbed and slashed to death.

August 13, 1997, Yolanda was found dead in her home with 11 gashes across her head and neck.

They had become worried about their daughter and were searching for her. After what a newspaper described as a "spat", Lisa Juchemich was stabbed by her husband Roger Juchemich, age 30, and shot in the back as she tried to escape from the house. Killed by a single shotgun blast to the abdomen August 25, 1997, by her estranged husband, David E. He sat in his pickup for over an hour waiting for her to return to her car after attending the first day of classes at Northern Michigan University.

Lori's parents found her body, and the body of Glenn Glazier still holding a gun.

Eventually, she comes to believe that her only options are enduring the abuse, striking back, or committing suicide.

6 Using Walker's analysis, in order to be classified as a battered woman, the woman must go through the battering cycle at least twice. See: discussion of "separation assault" in Chapter X. New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. The first domestic violence shelter in the country opened in 1974.

The continued cycle of violence and contrition results in the battered woman living in a state of learned helplessness...

The battered woman lives with constant fear, coupled with a perceived inability to escape.

These women are looking to change their lives through a relationship; personal, spiritual or both.

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