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Thousands of migrants, many of them Roma gipsies from the old communist bloc and racially troubled Balkans, have poured into the country since the dismantling of border controls across a greatly expanded European Union in 2004.

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We are afraid.'But we hope by giving the information it will stop us being thrown out of Italy, which our children think of as home.'The camp has 700 residents and was first established 25 years ago.

It's the size of a sprawling village under a four-lane expressway to the north of the city.

Wearing a denim skirt, pink designer T-shirt, and with long hair tied back from her face, Samantha is a child who would make any parent proud.

Yet just a few days ago, this bubbly 14-year-old found herself taking part in an excercise that would seem unthinkable in a modern, civilised European country.

Gipsy people with the right to stay would be re-housed in 'decent conditions rather than with rats'.

The remainder, Maroni made clear, could expect deportation.

Most controversially of all, she was told to state her ethnic background.

Every detail, including the fact that her parents are immigrant Roma gipsies from Serbia, was catalogued and put on a national computer system. Her eyes bright with anger, Samantha said she felt like a villain in the only country she has ever known.'That same day, the Italian kids started calling me "gyppo" in the streets. I felt like shouting back and saying: 'I am Italian just like you.

On the census form they declared themselves 'Ethnic Serbs', who slipped into the country illegally in 1993, just before their eldest daughter was born.

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