Android not updating gmail contacts

The Outlook Category you give a contact does not affect the Outlook Folder where the contact is stored.

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If you had a contact Bob Smith in your Work folder, you can copy the Bob Smith contact and paste it into the Friend folder.

Now, you have two separate Bob Smith contacts in two separate folders.

The default folder in Outlook is simply called Contacts. You can add as many Outlook folder buckets as you would like and each folder remains independent from the others you create.

For example, let’s say you have two Outlook Contact Folders called Work and Friends.

I've taken the time to perfectly setup my Google Contacts with pictures, just the right contact details, everything, but now my phone won't sync them!!

STILL, after all of that I get the same error message when trying to sync my Gmail Contacts and they don't get fully sync'd!!

If you're connecting your Google Contacts address book from the Full Contact for Android app, click on the gear icon (bottom-right corner of the page) - While Android device differs, so long as your Google Contacts account is syncing with the native contacts app/address book built into your Android, we'll keep your Full Contact account syncing with your Android through your Google Contacts.

Instructions on how to add Google to Android can be found here.

The main difference between how Outlook and Google store contacts comes down to Folders and Groups.

Outlook stores contacts inside individual Folders and each contact can be labeled with a Category.

My Contacts: This is the default storage bin for contacts you actually care about.

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