Dating sports fans

It makes you question whether or not you're living with a grumpy 70-year-old head case that has Alzheimer's, but it's Toronto and losing is a regular occurrence. It's a common action when playoffs are around and even though you're used to seeing your soulmate's tears flow after a crushing loss, you can't help but feel broken on the inside.

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The experience on the app will not just be confined to a game, tournament, league or a season.

It will rather ensure that the experience is meant to be year-round.

They go the extra mile and you certainly have to question life whenever they break out a cardboard cut-out of Dion Phaneuf (true story). Not going to happen, unless you count the Air Canada Centre's Real Sports Bar as the spitting image of a five-star restaurant that only takes reservations.

Your home literally turns into a feeding pen on the weekends because as your lovely admirer says, "c'monnnn, the big game! If the place doesn't smell like buffalo wings and Coors Light, it reeks of an unusual smell thanks to your suggestion to tone down the junk and taste test healthier options - like garlic hummus and all-dressed kale chips. It pretty much is in their eyes thanks to quesadilla sliders and Wino Wednesdays, but aside from the occasional celebrity sighting, you're trapped in a jocks-go-wild hellhole. Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, boys night, fight night, Super Bowl - someone's always yelling at something (rather than someone). But you know the time will come when you get to witness tears of unbelievable joy and the sad part is - it won't be your wedding day.

The app has also formed a partnership with a ticketing company so that fans can find a match and then buy game tickets directly through the app.

With relationships, you're bound to do everything together, but if you're involved with a sports fanatic, you'll often find yourself questioning what "we" refers to. Loving a match on the field can also lead two individuals to find a love match with sporting compatibility.Modern day technology can make that happen and individuals emotional bonding with a team or a sport can lead to a personal relationship with another like-minded individual. The app aims to help sports fans find their right match with a liking for the same team or sport.The two started chatting during March Madness 2014, bonding over a mutual love of the Wichita St. Bonding on Fancred led to Facebook messages, which led to Joey flying from Las Vegas to spend a weekend with Mc Kenzie at her home in Kansas in September 2014.The two continued visiting each other fairly often after that, but Walker says they were ready for marriage even before meeting in person.The app also combines with the users Facebook profile to register presence.

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