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Netizens who are very nationalistic are often accused of being part of the “50 cent party” spreading propaganda or “guiding” public opinion. ” mimicking the question that is repeatedly asked of the character Yuanfang by another character on the show.

I’m dragging a trolley and a duffel bag that’s about 20 kilos, plus a paper bag, a back pack, and my Sam Sooki.

Also during the exit, since I can’t fit myself and my bags on the swivel doors, I used the ‘help’ one, but my T-money beeped and somehow this time my Korean didn’t work with the station officer.

It is a pejorative aimed at people considered “too serious”, “party poopers”, and ruining the “fun” one is having. Literally “water army”, referring to individuals, groups, or even companies that can be paid to post comments on the internet to help shape public opinion on any subject, often hired by companies to promote themselves or slander competitors. A catchphrase made popular by a Chinese “North Korean” parody account @作家崔成浩 “Pyongyang Cui Chenghao” on Sina Weibo.

Simply means one could “lose it at any time” or “at any time no longer be able to bear it”. Literally “being shot even when lying down”, meaning one is dragged into something even when not involved, such as being criticized or attacked or otherwise negatively affected for no reason but for just being present. Transliterated from the Japanese word ツッコミ (tsukkomi), this term means “to question or comment creatively on something ironic/funny” and is often oversimplified to mean “complain, grumble”. Literally “local tyrant”, historically referring to locally powerful people, often landowners. An outsider, non-local, someone from another part of the country.

In fact, 屄 is the true character but almost never used. Little sister, young girl, pretty girl, or a girl’s private part.

Often written as “MM,” which usually refers to a young girl or pretty girls.

They are less “girly” and more like “tomboys” and thus more “manly”. In general, it refers to people (netizens/commenters) who are seen as being excessively or unreasonably critical. Short for “普通青年, 文艺青年, 二逼青年” which translates to “ordinary youth, artistic youth, idiotic youth”, an internet meme that began in the second half of 2011 involving three-panel images initially showing three youths doing something in an ordinary common fashion, in a more artistic/sophisticated/fashionable fashion, and then in a ridiculous/silly fashion. This expression refers to police or other state security authorities arresting and interrogating someone under the pretense of first inviting them out to have tea (or sometimes coffee) that was inspired by real life examples. “Human flesh search” or “human flesh search engine” (人肉搜索引擎) is the Chinese name for when people work together on the internet to find information for a common goal. In fact, 屄 is the true character but almost never used. “Sofa.” LZ is the topic starter or original poster and thus the “owner of the house.” The first person entering the “house” and replying gets the “sofa.” So “sofa” means the first replier/reply.

Now, the internet meme applies to all three-panel images that show a subject in the same progression. Sometimes written in English as “sofa.” Link to this entry.

He proceeded to drive away to drop off his girlfriend but was stopped by witnesses on his way back before leaving campus.

When confronted, he challenged witnesses to sue him by saying “我爸是李刚” (“My Dad is Li Gang! Li Gang has now become synonymous with being above the law due to government connections. Probably a shorter version of MLGB that also means “mother’s cunt.” Maybe similar to English’s “motherfucker.” The “B” could be any Chinese character with the “bi” sound like 逼 or 比.

While driving through Hebei University campus, he hit two young girls who were rollerskating. He continued on to drop off his girlfriend and was only stopped by witnesses later as he tried leaving the campus. “My little buddies and I were all stupefied.” This expression went viral in 2013 after being used by an elementary school student in an essay to describe his/her and his/her little buddies’ reactions to a “rumored” origin of Duanwu aka Dragon Boat Festival featuring Qu Yuan, the Communist Party of China, and the Kuomingtang aka the Chinese Nationalist Party. This internet meme became popular in the latter half of 2014 following a news story involving an elderly Chinese man knowingly allowing himself to be scammed of over half a million RMB by a scammer, partly just to see how much the scammer would try to take from him and partly because he was concerned that authorities would not pursue the case if the amount scammed was not high enough. A character in a Chinese television series “神探狄仁杰”.

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