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We Meetup once a month at the Capital Tea on the last Saturday of the month.

The Denver Screen Writers' Meetup is a screenwriting community dedicated to connecting fellow screen writers who want to increase their knowledge, and join a supportive network to; improve our scripts, learn from each other and take their screenwriting to the next level.

Some written materials have survived because they were re-used in interesting ways, evidence that the people here were also good at recycling.

Scriptsdating com

Joint us to participate in sharing our experience, resources, skills and encouragement.(Members are encouraged to bring the skills/tips/techniques to share which they have found useful, and we will build up our resources and tools at each Meetup.)Check out our calendar of events and join us to participate in: Postings of screen writing events around town.Ø Screen Writing Skill Shop - Improving our script writing skills in character, story boarding, exposition, structure, pacing, dialogue and log lines and table readings.Ø Creative Critique Shop - Bring your Scripts for a table reading.

We creatively critique each others scripts providing positive and constructive feedback on character analysis, sequencing & structure, etc.Ø Movie De Construction Night - Viewing a movie and review the script.

“Water was very precious to people living in such a dry area.

They built a well first and then carved out their houses around it.

(Script Library with over 1,000 scripts dating from the 1920's on, including TV pilots, Black List scripts, and educational resources maintained for the DSW Member Community.

Note: There is a .00 fee for the in-perosn DSW Meetup, if you have not paid the year member fee.

It used to be the capital of an ancient kingdom, as well a military headquarters for the Tang dynasty.

Dating back more than 2,000 years, the city’s former layout can still be seen, including its central avenue, residential areas and commercial and administrative zones.

Any issues should be brought directly to the person to which such issues arise.

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