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However, what is the basic existence which is confused with the concept of SPIRIT by the majority of us and it is also the main Capital of the RELIGIOUS world (who take full advantage of the concept, so that millions of parasites, all over the world, make their living from the sweat and blood of the NAÏVE masses without doing aaaannnyyy manual work.) to deceive and sedate the masses?In order to analyse the subject in a concrete sense, we should, first of all, look at the development of a baby; of the humans, animals, insects birds and the other living things in NAURE… Usually very few of those cells succeed to reach the fertility point of the female womb.

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(at least for a leading MINORITY of them.) • Hasan Ozen One fact I noticed during the past 2 years; majority of our modern world community are dead afraid of losing the grounds of their beliefs which the religions set for them…

A section from the ‘Humanity Falsified 8’: Everything within the Nature, as well as in the Universe consists of differing forms and intellectual levels of the invisible ENERGY sources; which are INFINITELY endless, but staggering, ORDERLY and compound unity same as the TIME factor...) We are well aware of this by practical experiences.Yet, our HUMANE works are for the oncoming generations mainly.(Such as the Atomic structure of the Sun being different to the chemical structure of Venus/Jupiter; your horse being more intelligent to your ox or donkey, and your dog having better reasoning capacity than your cat, etc.etc.) Which EVOLVE constantly but CYCLICAL mode in such a way that each element, including you and me, is made up from SPECIFIC energy combinations, which is the driving force for uncontrollable activities within the nature- and become VISIBLE in the bodies of the living and non-living solid matters by way of gradual YIELDING.Now, let’s ask those representatives of the religions: Wheeeeere does your, so called, ‘SPIRIT’ come into the scene in this sexually NATURAL process?! Isn’t; aren’t those TRANSFEDRRED cells PURELY just the living energy particles which are the main substances of the whole UNIVERSE?!

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