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Here are some of the risks and rewards of online dating that you need to know.

The more you are reading about online dating, the better you will understand the risks, and you will be able to date online, and enjoy the rewards that online dating has to offer.

We read so many times about all the risks that are involved about dating online, that we don’t really realize that there are some benefits and rewards as well.

They’re plucking giant green nuggets of weed from liter-size ziplock bags and placing them into a veritably medical collection of pill bottles and dime baggies.

Around their feet sit metal scales of various sizes, and strewn across the table are volcanic piles of black ash, half-finished joints stained the waxy yellow of infected toenails, and a shining collection of empty beer cans.

Or at least it doesn’t appeal; I haven’t been on a second date — or had sex — in nearly eight months.“Well,” I offer tentatively. And, hmm, what else, I love to read, I like to drink beer, and I love basketball. I am, as well.”God damn, I think: Sarah, you evil genius. The jacket is a Northface, big but warm, and possessing of that splendid smell of sweat mixed with cologne that’s not gross and that seems unique to men who are physically attractive.“Thank you,” I reply, realizing how much I really do like the way Aaron’s jacket smells.

Huge fan of Draymond Green.”(Purposefully omitted: My distaste for beer; my preference for watching over anything related to sports; and my unfortunate propensity for pigging out on left over Thai food late at night, usually after dates that end poorly and without company. Who knew that to garner a man’s attention, all you needed to do was lie about liking sports? It triggers something inside of me, something that reminds me how much I want to be in a relationship that includes the regular benefit of being able to wrap myself in someone else’s jacket.The men look up and stare as I step inside their radius of attention, unsmiling as they adjust to the sight of me, their eyes wide, like wolves disturbed in the wild.“You’re a weed dealer?” I say, quickly feeling embarrassingly childish.“Mel,” Aaron starts. ”Aaron takes a second.“No…not currently,” He replies, his voice warbling slightly, as if he’s unsure of the ground he’s standing on. Why would I buy weed from you instead of, you know, the weed store?And we’re truly only walking in the direction of Aaron’s apartment — a one bedroom spot in North Beach he shares with a roommate who is currently developing an app vaguely related to marijuana. For instance, earlier tonight, in the twilight hours preceding my date with Aaron, I’d sat down on my couch and started flipping through Facebook.I can’t remember the details, because while Aaron had been providing them, I’d been thinking instead about the utter lack of assholishness detectable in his voice. Last week I’d met a man for coffee who interrupted an ice breaker-type story I was telling to ask me if I’d be interested in starting a sex-only relationship.“Um, what? At a time that’s mutually agreeable for both of us. And as I flipped, my newsfeed absolutely with pictures of engagement rings and puppies and European vacations, dozens of these little digital windows into the sepia-filtered infinities of people young and coupled and satisfied, one after the other. ”My heart speeds up inside my chest, a bird in the wind.“I’d love that,” I say, smiling without really meaning to.“Great,” Aaron says, and after a few more steps he grabs my hand. ”I pause a beat before I answer, run through one last mental rehearsal. the fog hangs low and thick, a down comforter blanketing the sky.

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