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Because the calculation can take a while, I would like the result JText Field to show "Working" while the calculation is proceeding, and then to show the numerical result when it has been computed.

However, I can't figure out how to update the JText Field before the calculation is done.

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The println shows messages scrolling in the text window, but I don't see them in the text field, just the last one, so I assume they are still all updating at once when the event queue empties.

I left my various failed attempts commented in the code.

Hopefully this is a simple question with a simple answer...

For reasons I can't quite grasp yet, the button to change Name doesn't change the textfield value when I click it.

Hi group, What I have is a GUI with several JText Fields. Here is my code: public void mouse Clicked( Mouse Event evt ) // end mouse Clicked Sorry if this looks a bit incomplete - I'm just a tad worn out by this and hope somebody can help me fill in the gaps...

What I am trying to accompish is to let the user right-click on a JText Field which will then bring up a JFile Chooser and that works great. I am not trying to open a file, but just take the String path that is selected in the File Chooser and update the JText Field that I right-clicked....(the paths are quite long and they're pretty lazy as far as typing goes). Thanks guys Mike JText Field) is true, then i'd immediately save it as its correct type in a temporary variable: JText Field temp Text Field = (JText Field)sel Field; Then use that throughout, including: temp Text Text(new S That is a great idea.

However, the submit button does work to change the value of the textfield, and setting the initial default value of the textfield works too. I've tried to search for a similar question but it seems too basic..

The form: With code as such: public class Simple Example extends Base Page Thanks, Tim for the "change Name" button.

public final class Log Handler I was hoping to use the area as a status of where things were at the moment.

There are a lot of posts about JText Area as well, people using append and having all the lines dumped out at once when the event queue was empty.

This is provided by the first line below: if ((sel Field = Source()) instanceof JText Field) Great!!!!!!!!!! It's just getting used to the mnemonics and knowing the API's that give me fits...

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