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Not with another defeat in a final, another loss on penalties.

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Yesterday, we brought you 10 hot photos of Chelsea WAG Daniella Semaan.

Daniella is Cesc Fabregas’ girlfriend, and her special relationship with Lionel Messi’s partner – Antonella Roccuzzo – could be the key to bringing the Barcelona legend to Stamford Bridge.

When Argentina were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the 2011 Copa America, Messi was booed and whistled off the pitch.

he best way of understanding Messi’s career and his relationships is through the concept of family.

And so it was always a relationship contingent on results: as Messi inspired Argentina to the World Cup Final two years ago, the fans sang his name, worshipped him as a saviour.

When Argentina failed, Messi was more often than not lumped with the blame.

But four defeats in major finals over the course of a decade have finally broken his heart.

Messi’s love affair with the national team is over.

He made Messi the captain and patriarch of the team, built the side around him, even if it was to the detriment of other star players like Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero.

It took them to within 90 minutes of winning the World Cup in 2014, within a penalty shoot-out of winning the Copa America in 20. erhaps, then, it was always a marriage of convenience rather than a genuine blood tie: Argentina accepted Messi as long as he kept winning them football games; Messi accepted Argentina through a sense of filial duty and as a chance to cement his legend.

Why has the best player in the world chosen a girl from his hometown neighbourhood, the daughter of a supermarket owner?

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