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In other words, they're in the exact "center" of the ZIP Code.

In cases where the ZIP Code includes a large unpopulated area, the coordinates may be population based.

We use the boundaries created by the mail routes to create a geographic region and assign the ZIP Code lat/long coordinates.

This is for several reasons, the main one is price.

We don't have to pay for CD duplication or distribution and we can then pass those savings along to you.

Yes, our ZIP Code Multi-County product contains ZIP Codes mapped to all the counties they lie in.

The USA 5-digit ZIP Code Database, Commercial Edition includes the primary county, as determined by the USPS, for each ZIP Code.

Distance Wizard Professional, however, incoorporates our smart boundary technology to make your database queries extremely fast and efficient.

When used with a database, it will cut down the number of rows checked by your application from literally millions (of North American postal codes) to just dozens, exponentially decreasing your execution waiting time.

To verify that a postal code is currently valid, you can use the USPS ZIP Code Lookup or Canada Post Postal Code Lookup.

We only offer our products via download from our website.

The ZIP 4 Premium Edition includes the county FIPS Code for each 4 Code.

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