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I am very thankful that I can go on still---with something like "super frightened era" behind my back..all of them become memories______sad and happy, laugh and tears.In the end, it doesn't matter enough..lyrics from Linkin Park song, "In the End".Gain & Hong Hyejin (Studio K): “Wow, it came out prettier than I had expected.

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After the first meeting (at the In Style Wedding office) with the designers, who were supposed to help them, they started to design the secret outfits. Ga-In & Hong Hyejin (Studio K): “I want to design a tuxedo with a somewhat special and a very strong(? A mini-dress which places emphasis on her legs would be nice since Ga-In noona has a nice figure.

The color must be white, because it’s a wedding dress.” 2010.5.2 Design check and each of them giving a special touch (to the outfits).

HUAAAAThis page is presented to share what and how my feeling about their chemistry and inspirations...

Indeed, watching them really change my mind about lot of things related to married people...^_____^ JO KWON (2AM) He is very entertaining: FUNNY, LOVABLE, CHEERFUL, and what I really surprised: HYPERACTIVE and TALKATIVE...

Translations Credits to [email protected] Jo Kwon, who wore flat sneakers without heels looked anxious and carefully tried comparing his height with Ga-In. translations credit to [email protected] “Instead of doing a formal/stuffy photoshoot, we, as husband and wife, want to show our fun side. ” “Forget it.” The often-bickering Adam Couple you see on the program is the real side of Adam Couple. Translations of some of the major points (which I found interesting while reading the Chinese translations): 1.

“Eey, Noona, you’re wearing high heels but you’re shorter than me? (smile)” vs “Yah, it’s not much of a difference,” said Ga-In and turned around to stand back to back with Kwon. Because we really do not suit that (stuffy) image (smile)” -Ga-In Jo Kwon took off his top to shoot the beach scene and Ga-In was all shy seeing this side of her husband(? Translations credit to [email protected] Although so many cameras and staff could make you feel uncomfortable, the Adam Couple only looked at each other(? While they were waiting for the equipment and luggage to clear customs (or delayed..

- He is under JYP Entertainment, joined as leader of 2AM with Seulong, and Changmin and Jinwoon.

Their first album is Saint o' clock (released in 2010), but before it they have released many singles like "I Did Wrong", "This Song"," Can't Let You Go Even If I Die"... She is what we are looking for from a woman: BEAUTY, CUTENESS, EXPERT IN COOKING, SEXY, and what is so unexpected of her... even from Jo Kwon, she doesn't want to admit only one thing if she cannot reply Jo Kwon's teasing.

So perhaps, until the magazine was printed, each didn’t know the other’s answers.) Q: Let’s suppose you two have a child, whom do you want your child to resemble?

Ga-In: If we have a daughter, I want her to resemble Kwon. Because I think our daughter will look pretty if she resembles Kwon, and I think our son will be handsome if he resembles me.

I want to engrave “by Gain” somewhere on the the pockets (of the vast).” Kwon & Edward Shin (Publica Atelier): “It’s a wonderful design.

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