Teaching speed dating

Speed dating helps to reduce the risk of making things that people will not adopt.

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It can be difficult and extremely expensive to stock your classroom library with high-interest YA novels. I would show up the first day of the sale and pick through all their books.

During the summer months, it is easy to pick up inexpensive books at thrift stores, yard sales, and block sales. Later, one of my former students became the teen librarian at our township library. Librarians go through their collections two or more times a year, and if a book hasn't been checked out for an extensive period of time, that book needs to go in order to make room for new titles.

The "menu" gives a brief description of the genre, which the students will record on their handout in addition to taking their own notes about the genre based on what they notice about the commonalities found in the books at their selected table. During August, the local thrift store near my home used to have $1 bag days.

But where did I get all these books in the first place? You pay $1 for a paper bag and stuff it with as much as you could.

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To help avoid this problem, we developed a method called .

This method allows design teams to explore possible futures with target users.

And through their bulk book program, you can get a bulk order of one title for FREE! Right now you can get a carton of 24 copies or The Maze Runner for .40!

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