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If so, it may be a question for serious consideration whether we are bound to yield to this demand.By so doing we do not seem to be dragging the standard down to the level of those who seek to be constantly amused and superficially excited, instead of seeking to arouse them to grapple with themes that tax the attention and reason? "We are happy to state that a large proportion of the books purchased during the year are of a character to stimulate to earnest thought, and fully to meet the wants of intellectual minds." (Michigan Argus, April 12, 1872) The Ladies Library Association's book collection continued to grow and finding large enough quarters became an ongoing problem.in the basement of the Presbyterian Church on the Southwest corner of Division and Huron, now the site of the Ann Arbor News.

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In the first year it had already started a series of social readings which it said "proved a source of pleasure and instruction to all who have participated in them." Said the ever-appreciative press-"the subjects for these occasions have been so well chosen as to convince all that the choice sentiments and gems of thought of the best authors are more easily gathered up by an associated member, each one of which strives to make the best selections within her reach." (Michigan Argus April 12, 1867) The Association often presented papers, read poems, or performed music as part of their regular meetings. 15) "These meetings have been kept up for a number of years, with short and infrequent interruptions, and the ladies have considered them both pleasant and profitable." By 1881 they were systematically studying the major composers. In 1872 the secretary reported (Michigan Argus, Apr.

"The program will be made up from the works of Bach and a paper upon the life of that composer will be read." (Ann Arbor Courier, Mar. The next month the Association did the same thing for Handel (Ann Arbor Courier, Apr, I, 1881). 12) "Feeling deeply sensible that they are charges with exerting that influence for good or evil the extent of which it is impossible to know, they have been cautious and slow to recommend new works till their character, as far as possible, could be ascertained." The report continues "Our librarian informs us that the demand for works of fiction exceeds the supply.

20, 1833), but a new group had already emerged the year before, the Ann Arbor Circulating Library, run out of the office of the village's newspaper the advertised that dues were only $ 2.50 a year.

At first he had mainly reference books, but after the first library dissolved he listed a new selection of general interest books including travel and biography.

Author: Grace Shackman Date: 1991 Introduction The Ann Arbor Public Library traces its origins from two strands, public and private: the high school library started in 1856, and the Ladies Library Association founded in 1866.

But both of these groups had predecessors, the high school library in the township district libraries and the Ladies Library Association in four earlier book lending groups.

Founded in 1866, it served as more than a source of reading material, but also functioned as a force for intellectual improvement of the community.

The Association consciously based itself on a model designed by Benjamin Franklin in 1731 when he set up, in Philadelphia, a library funded by subscriptions.

The constitution, printed in full in the March 23, 1866, Michigan Argus specifically stated that gentlemen could, for the same fee, "be entitled to the privileges of the library." They stated that the library would be open one day a week and a librarian would be selected "to number and register the books and to keep accounts with each member." A committee of three would select the books. The Association loaned the books from an upstairs room at the Hangsterfers block on the southwest corner of Main and Washington.

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