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Next, Barbie decides to do a piece on popular kids and "What Makes Them Popular." She soon starts to neglect her friends and the story is quite mean.She even skips Tia's class-president election to hang out with Reagan and Dawn, Raquelle's friends.Unlike her predecessors, Toronto's Skye Sweetnam isn't here to bitch.

Instead, she becomes Raquelle's personal assistant, buying her drinks and doing her work.

When Raquelle dumps Todd he and Barbie begin hanging out together and soon become a couple. Thrilled, Barbie as well as her best friends Tia and Courtney rush to buy a dress when they discover that Raquelle and Todd are together again.

To her shock, it is revealed that the woman never worked there and apparently does not exist. Tia and Courtney watch footage of the story, and they discover that Barbie has told them a secret about Tia.

Tia and Courtney discover that it is Kevin that has been leaving Barbie the love notes not Todd. Dawn and Reagan find out that Barbie only befriended them because of her story and stop hanging out with her. They confront her and let her know that they no longer want to be friends with her.

It's not even down with being bratty, though that style's here like magic-marker doodles on the knees of Sweetnam's jeans. Instead of playing rebel, this one wants a widescreen teen movie rewrite of 21st century real life.

She and her people (principally a producer/writer/performer fellow named James Robertson) have rewritten the adolescent experience as a feel-good personal power trip, and set it blatantly to a tingly power-chord soundtrack mixed by shop teacher to the stars Tom Lord-Alge.She always gets beaten in everything by Raquelle, a snobby girl who used to be her best friend in fifth grade.On the first day of school, she attempts to become anchorwoman for the school TV station but Raquelle beats her to it.Produced by Curious Pictures, this is the last Barbie film distributed by Lionsgate worldwide and Right Entertainment in the UK.This is the only film not to be produced by Rainmaker.She apologizes for never realizing, but points out that the bizarre rhyming in the notes was a giveaway. At the end, Barbie and Kevin watch a movie while eating ziti as Kevin asked 02.

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