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From the collection of the 7 ^ Prelinger E a V XJibrary San Francisco, California 2006 REVIEW COPY JAN I g 3 . BUILDING, NICOL ROAD, BOMBAY, INDIA MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA This Study was made possible in part by funds granted by Carnegie Corporation of New York.Columbia Univeriiicy i-_„ S6' Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2006 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OObradrich BUSINESS AS A SYSTEM OF POWER BUSINESS AS A SYSTEM OF POWER By ROBERT A. That Corporation is not, however, the author, owner, publisher, or proprietor of this publication, and is not to be understood as approving by virtue of its grant any of the statements made or views expressed therein.For we are living through one of the great climactic eras of history, a major faulting of the institutional crust.

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This problem is not basically created by Adolf Hitler and the Axis na- tions, but by the organized economic power backing the Hitlers in nation after nation over the industrial world as a device for shoring up for yet a while longer a disintegrating economic system.

And while this war against the immediate Axis Hitlers must be fought and won as a necessary step in the reestablishment of a democratic world, we citizens of the United States and of other democratic na- tions would better learn, and quickly, to focus our strategy on the fact that the war is an episode in the world-wide counter-revolution viii FOREWORD against democracy; for, win, lose, or draw in the military war, democracy will be lost unless it also wins, even as it fights the Axis nations, its internal political conflict.

And all down through our national life the continuance of the union has depended upon the unstated condition that the dominant member, capital, continue to provide returns to all elements in democratic society sufficient to disguise the underlying conflict in interests.

A crisis within the economic relations of capitalism was bound to precipitate a crisis in the democratic political system.

American citizens, preoc- X FOREWORD cupied with everything but the affairs of democracy, have increas- ingly imputed to the Constitution, the central symbol of American democracy, an extravagant finality.

If this great and mysterious It were but defended, democracy remained unchallenged.

Equipped with a new and marvelously growing technology and with a raw continent beckoning to be exploited, Americans turned their attention all down through the nineteenth century to the grand adventure of getting rich.

Democracy was taken for granted as substantially achieved, or at most requiring only to be defended.

In the main, they wrestle with ob- vious immediacies in familiar terms; for the rest, the deeper tend- encies, they prefer to wait and see.

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