Furniture old paint updating

It was easiest just to fill them, leaving me to choose any hardware I wanted.I didn’t do a ton of hardware research or shopping because I found exactly what I was looking for at Lowes.Her Big Sister just made her debut here on the blog this week, and she is probably the best furniture transformation I have pulled off to date!

furniture old paint updating-82

), next to paint, it makes the most dramatic difference in a country-to-chic makeover.

The new hardware totally completed these dressers and were worth every penny!

I liked that they both had that French provincial design without being too matchy-matchy.

Even though both pieces were in good condition and were reasonably priced, they needed a big ol’ overhaul before they would work well in our house!

As I mentioned above, before I set to work on priming and painting the drawers, I removed the hardware and filled every last hole with wood filler and sanded them smooth.

I hadn’t yet picked out the new hardware when I started the makeover process, and I didn’t want to restrict my choices based on where my holes were.

I selected some smaller handles for the Little Sister because two handles were going on each drawer.

Big Beauty got bigger handles for the larger drawers and small square nobs for the smaller middle drawers.

Here are the products I used on both the Little Sister and Big Beauty…

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