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I’ll just be over here eating a bag of crushed glass instead of ever doing something like that. At lunch, Zoila mentions going to the store because they need “douches” for Gage. Jeff says Gage and Zoila push each other’s buttons, fighting with each other at least three times a day.Gage reports that as soon as he started dating Jeff, Zoila took issue with him, but 6.5 years later, she still basically hates his Barbie B*tch guts.

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Then, true to form, he gets inappropriate, asking her if she’ll have sex when she’s pregnant with his baby. She is headstrong (read: Cray-Zee) and butted heads with Jeff frequently on the remodel of her home.

But now she wants Jeff’s help staging her house for her gated community’s upcoming “Design Tour” which gives the neighbors a chance to one-up each other. For Jeff, it’s a great networking business opportunity, so he’s in.

What: Free Movie THE ROOM Q&A w/ Tommy Wiseau When: TUESDAY, MAY 3, @ 8PM Where: ACKERMAN GRAND BALLROOM Click: Dubbed “The Citizen Kane of bad movies,” THE ROOM is about a successful banker, Johnny, who is madly in love with his fiancé, Lisa, and plans to be married next month.

His plans take a horrid turn when he finds the truth about Lisa and the people surrounding him.

“The Room” depicts the depths of friendship and relationships in one’s life and raises life’s real and most asked question: “Can you ever really trust anyone?

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As Zoila shuffles around the pantry, Gage pages her repeatedly through the intercom system. Gage and Zoila get into it again, but this time Zoila is not letting it go.

Zoila’s channeling her inner Kenya Moore as she thinks, “Don’t come for me unless I send for you! Not responding to Gage pushes his buttons, which is the intended end game of all of this, isn’t it? Jenni admits that Jeff is beside himself about the tension between them, but he doesn’t do anything about it.

Jenni Pulos asks Jeff if he realizes that having a baby means you don’t have control over every bit of minutiae in your world?

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