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"Renewing the mandate of the special rapporteur will send a strong signal to the Islamic Republic that the international community is watching and expects the government to produce tangible improvements," said Hadi Ghaemi, the executive director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).02/23/18 - In line with the EU policy of balanced engagement with Saudi Arabia and Iran, a group of senior EU lawmakers visited both Riyadh and Tehran last week, with a stopover in Kuwait.

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Also at the same category which Iranian short film competed, the 'Knife Skills by Thomas Lennon won the 'Honorable Mention.' 02/23/18 - In drafting a resolution seeking to condemn Iran for its role in Yemen's ongoing civil war, the United States--along with its UN Security Council allies Britain and France--seems to have cherry-picked information from a UN report that condemned all actors in that war for violations of international law.

Rather than draft a resolution reflecting the broad range of crimes that have been committed in Yemen, the Trump administration chose to selectively pick out only those crimes that could be attributed to Iran while ignoring arguably more heinous crimes attributable to Saudi Arabia and the internationally recognized government of Yemen.

Owner Billy Chibouni was flabbergasted when the duo, who refused to be named, plonked themselves outside his store.

Each silently holding a floral bouquet, the pair stood behind a solemn sign which read: 'in memory of the animals who didn't want to die'.

Once solid autocracies have fallen by the wayside, their state institutions battered and broken, and their national borders compromised...

In the eyes of the Trump administration, and those of a range of other observers and officials in Washington and the region, there is one overriding culprit behind the chaos: Iran.

An onlooker noted how the pair appeared to be flouting their own morals by wearing a sheepskin coat and leather shoes.

Mr Chibouni came up with an innovative way to respond - by scrawling his own message on an envelope and standing beside them.

They claim to have picked the shop at random and that they were moving from place to place - leaving after two hours.

Mother-of-one Meia Allegranza popped to Arthur's Butchery and Delicatessan in Topsham, Devon, yesterday and was left baffled by the incident.

His quickly sketched sign on the back of an envelope including drawings of a bull and a dollop of poo.

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