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Also, progress in resolving the debate depends on emphasizing observation and avoiding speculation and theory.

The latter are more prone to dependency on the chosen paradigm.

The issue of convenience is the geography of the garden of Eden.

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While he allows that the old-earth/evolutionary paradigm can be found to fit the data, he maintains that the young-earth/creationist paradigm fits better.

Conventional geologists declare that the young-earth/Flood geology position rests directly on unquestioning acceptance of the Bible (in a particular literal interpretation) rather than being generated by scientific data, and hence is not science.

For Flood geologists, to be shown the relevance of other concerns is not sufficient grounds for rejecting their type of literalism.

Such demonstration indicates for them only how to embellish their interpretation, not proving to undercut it or to require its alteration.

With two paradigms in conflict, geologic data can be investigated for consistency according to either one or both.

Each side in the debate has in fact tried to show how various data cannot be harmonized with the other's paradigm.

There are other ways beside geological ones for exploring the Flood geology question.

For Flood geologists, the literal interpretation of Scripture is of first-rank importance.

In response, conventionally-persuaded geologists, some Christian and others not, have variously criticized (and in some cases ridiculed) the Flood geology position.

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