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“So they have decided that acquiring adjacent machining operations would be in line with their growth targets.” Vanessa Greer, Wilson marketing specialist and third-generation family member, said: “Knowing that we want to be here well into the future, pass down from generation to generation and maintain as a privately held family business, the more industries we are in the better.” But Wilson will have company in deal hunting.‘Money is cheap’ “Private equity firms do have plenty of money right now. “And these firms have discovered that there is some real opportunity in the value-add manufacturing space.” Many of the smaller deals never make the news.Across all sectors, acquisition activity in Minnesota fell in 2013.

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Wilson hopes to offer cash for ­companies with an expertise in high-precision manufacturing but also a commitment to the original legacy.

Deals may range from $5 million to $40 million each. If it’s the right company and in Minnesota or Wisconsin, that would be the best of both worlds.” In its new role, Wilson Venture joins Granite Equity in St.

They’re on a the floor of their plant Thursday afternoon, February 27, 2014 in White Bear Lake.

] JEFF WHEELER ‘Äö√Ѭ¢ [email protected] XMIT: MIN1402272314070782 Wanted: a few manufacturers worth a least a few million dollars.

In 2012, there were 341 deals worth $23 billion in ­Minnesota.

Wilson officials insist they can grow via carefully timed and smart acquisitions now that the economy and manufacturing sector are stronger.A White Bear Lake company called Wilson Tool recently launched a million venture capital fund to snap up companies in growth industries as part of a plan to expand into other facets of manufacturing.Of particular interest are metal manufacturers for the medical, oil and gas sectors, but the newly created Wilson Venture Group will consider many kinds of businesses to widen the company’s reach.The strategy is quite a change from the Great Recession, which whacked 30 percent of revenue at the 48-year-old, family-owned business. Wilson boasts more than 0 million in annual sales, 10,000 customers and 800 employees around the globe, including 500 in Minnesota.The new goal is to grow to 1,500 employees worldwide.As a newcomer, Wilson is likely to learn quickly “that there is as big a discrepancy between what they want to pay and what the small [factory] thinks they are worth,” Kill said.

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