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Meanwhile, Poroshenko on Tuesday gave Juncker and EU Council chief Donald Tusk a list of Russian officials who should be denied EU entry.The list of some 30 names concerns people deemed guilty of abducting and jailing Ukrainian fighter pilot Nadiya Savchenko.Tusk reiterated previous EU calls on Russia to free her.

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The perks would extend to most EU countries, but not Ireland or the UK, which are not members of the EU’s Schengen travel area.

Ukraine would also have to negotiate separate arrangements with Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, which are in Schengen but not in the EU.

He added that the EU's policy of not recognising the annexation would remain in place.

Moscow, prior to the Ukraine conflict, was also in talks with the EU on visa-free travel for Russian people, but the talks were suspended when the conflict broke out.

The commission had linked the step to new anti-corruption measures in Kiev.

Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko, speaking alongside Juncker, said the visa-free news was an “important event” for his country.

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Juncker’s recommendation in April must be approved by EU states in a qualified majority vote in the Council.

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