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So perhaps, the Stone Age man in Japan experimented with clay and invented pottery?

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From examining the stone materials left behind by the Paleolithic people, experts know they traded extensively stone materials and stone tools.

Most sites were occupied for short periods of time — a few days to a few weeks or months — and then not used again for thousands of years.

Paleolithic Japan lasted for 20,000 years until about 10,000 years ago, which is when another distinctively different culture and group of people called the Jomon began to live and spread out all over Japan.

What stood out about the Paleolithic people was the numerous stone core tools they left behind.

An 8 year old child’s bones from 32,500 years ago were found in a cave. The Minatogawa Man, however, is the most famous of the Stone Age residents and is considered to be a direct though remote ancestor of some of the modern day Japanese population.

An 18,000 year old fossilized resident of Naha city in Okinawa, he was 155 centimetres tall, had large teeth, jaws with two of his teeth knocked out – the earliest example in the world of this rather common global tribal custom.

We don’t know exactly when humans first settled in the Japanese archipelago, but archaeologists will only confirm evidence of Paleolithic people living in Japan from around 35,000 years ago, although there are those who think the first colonizers arrived much earlier.

think the Japanese islands were colonized by Paleolithic people arriving via at least two routes, one from the south and another from the north.

Like the Minatogawa man, the Hamakita man is also considered to be a The Paleolithic people made large and rough core tools by working on a fist-sized piece of rock (called the core) with a similar rock (called the hammerstone) and knocking off several large flakes and chipping away the surface of a stone.

They also produced flake tools by working with a stone flake broken off from a larger piece of stone.

He had a high, broad and pinched nose but a low and narrow forehead with a prominent browridge.

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