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We have to work really hard but we’ve grown up together and I think the friendship is a common denominator.

We truly care about each other’s wellbeing too and like to laugh together and be silly. ‘We have a pact to try and stay in the same city as much as possible [they are based in New York] and if we can’t, we try not to let more than two weeks go by.

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When Elsa banishes herself in order to spare everyone from more harm, her sister Anna goes in search of her, hoping not only to set the kingdom free from its wintry spell, but also to recapture the closeness she and Elsa once shared.

It’s a beautiful tale, stunningly told, with Idina’s voice – invariably described as ‘powerhouse’ by critics – used to startling effect, particularly when she sings the film’s showstopping number ‘Let It Go’.

Growing up in New York with her younger sister Cara and parents Stuart (a pyjama salesman) and Helene (who later trained to be a psychotherapist), she knew by the age of five that she wanted to become a performer.

Yet being blessed with an extraordinary vocal talent did at times separate her from her peers.

star Cory Monteith just prior to his death earlier this year from a drugs and alcohol overdose. ‘I’ve been giving her space, as she has family and friends who are closer to her.

But I’ve sent several messages to let her know I’m around if she needs me. I didn’t get to know Cory that well, but he was totally cool and sweet and worked really hard too.

Though he loves to dance, says Idina, he really is ‘a storyteller.

He likes us all to tell a story one line at a time, but then he’ll interrupt and force his ideas on us.

Maybe he’ll become a writer one day and write parts for me when no one will hire me!

’ certainly helped to put Idina, now 42, on the map as far as TV audiences are concerned, but she is also one of the biggest musical theatre stars of the modern age.

‘It taught me a lot about music – about my tastes and how to interpret music – but it also taught me how to carry myself in those environments. ‘He wondered if my boobs were real and I thought he was really taut and beautiful, but we didn’t like each other that much.

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