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Their mother's death wasn't just an accident; her new partner Donald James Bohana drowned her in a swimming pool and was convicted of second degree murder in 1999.The brothers continued to work on their debut album as 3T for themselves and for their mom and released in 1995 at their uncle Michael's label MJJ Music and under under their father's management. Music since he is always working on music, either wiring songs or coming up with new melodies.

He announced that he was working working on a series of EP’s that will consist of 8 songs.

These “mini albums” should be available only for digital download at and other internet music stores such as Itunes, Rhapsody and Amazon mp3.

Taryll, the middle one of 3T, is the glue that keeps everyone together.

Meanwhile the boys were already imitating the Jackson brothers with brooms and mops. In 1985, (TJ aged 7, Taryll 10 and Taj 12) they were already offered a record deal, but they turned the offer down, because they wanted to enjoy their childhood.

They wanted to have fun with friends, finish school and to play sports (baseball).

In August 1994, when Taj, Taryll and TJ were busy working on their debut album in the studio, their mother Dee Dee died in a horrible accident.

Howevere, since the passing of his uncle Michael, it's been silent around Taryll and his official website was taken down.

He appeared in the 3T Day 2010 chat on April 1st and he lend his voice to the spoken bridge of his uncle's song "Hollywood Tonight' that is released the album album and Taryll is working on his first solo album that he hopes will make his family and fans proud.

He said his goal was to release one or two digital8 EP’s a year.

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