Is novak djokovic dating jelena ristic

They have been in this relationship for eight years before Novak proposed his lovely lady.3.

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But once I realised what I had done, it wasn´t very confortable. Iknew her through some mutual friends in the tennis world, and we had been crossing paths for a couple of years, on and off, before we went on that first date.

Since then, she has been a huge part of everything I have achieved.

Novak Djokovic proposed Jelena in a hush-hush affair during his tour in Monte-Carlo.

If reports are to be believed, Novak took Jelena by helicopter to Couvent des Minimes hotel in Provence, France and proposed there.7.

Jelena Ristic born on June 17, 1986 in Belgrade, capital city of Serbia went to Sport High School.

This is where she first met her future boyfriend Novak Djokovic. After winning the prestigious Wimbledon title at All England Club twice, the Serbian must be content on the personal front as well.Novak who announced his marriage post Wimbledon to his fiancé, Jele Ristic is all set become father as well.As she continues to grace tournament stands and hog our thoughts, Jelena Ristic is quickly becoming a top-flight WAG.The World No.1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic, is all set to marry his long-time girlfriend Jelena Ristic. And now he’s getting married and expecting his first child.

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