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If you can, have a business contact make any necessary introductions, acting almost as sponsor.

Should your first few meetings with a client go well, and you are able to demonstrate the mutually beneficial success you have had with them, this will give you cachet when dealing with future clients.

You may do this at your hotel, or you may even be invited to someone’s home.

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Capital letters are not used as often in Spanish as they are in English, only people and place names are capitalised, as well as names of companies and government bodies.

Names of nationalities (e.g.) are not capitalised, nor are days of the week and months of the year.

The Capital: Mexico City ( Major Religion: Catholicism (not official) Main Language: Spanish Climate: Mexico has a diverse range of climates from warm and humid in the south to dry in the north.

Temperatures are generally warm, and the coasts can be affected by hurricanes during the autumn and summer.

Mexicans are largely sociable, friendly and warm, and expect a minimum of a handshake when meeting.

Two women may kiss on one cheek, and two men may hug instead in social settings.

A white shirt is particularly advisable when making a first impression or attending an interview.

Women are also expected to wear makeup and have their hair styled at work, generally more obviously than in the United Kingdom.

Do not be surprised if they talk openly and frankly about emotions, family and personal issues.

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