Chronos days sim dating game ending

After literally kerplunking right onto the bed from exhaustion, Sabe has a dream that remembers the time she and Teddy were kids and made a silly promise to get married when they grew up. Except for the Alix Plushie, but I don’t think he’d like that. That’s okay, let’s just chat with Nathan for a bit after the date is over. He says he’s back to return Sabe’s handkerchief to her, because he promised he would. It totally reminds me of when Travis says he likes to cook and is taking care of his sick aunt (or something like that). Day 13 and still no android, so let’s forget about the android for a while and get serious about somebody.

When I started playing this game once before, : Where Sabe worked yesterday. maybe not as handsome as Nathan but he has a boyish charm and kind of a cool outfit. to which he replies, “Whatever.” But their relationship is 10! I guess it is a bit odd that Sabe is barging in on him here for no reason, so let’s avoid stalkerdom and go chat with handsome Nathan for a spell… Stole Time Jumper device from Landon to rescue Sabe from steampunk 1911. Calls Teddy Theodore because he’s very serious and thinks the nickname “Teddy” sounds a little silly. His plane is fixed and he’s ready to go home to his sister. Look at Roland in his goofy goggles: At Roland’s house, his sister Eliza isn’t there to open the door. While the romance started off strong with dates right away, it seems Nathan’s personality is not growing at all. When Sabe chats with him, she learns 1.) he can learn information from the web, 2.) he will recite a random fact of the day for Sabe, every day, 3.) he is interested in learning about human behavior, 4.) he likes to play computer games, and 5.) he runs on solar power, which is super sexy. Sabe heads to the lab to see what Landon is up to and discovers him blushing and stuff.

The store owner is a weird-looking floating dude in a top hat who stole the tokens he’s selling. I think it’s the goggles on his hat: Sabe just wanders into this warehouse and says, “Um…. Nathan compliments how Sabe looks in the outfit that he bought for her. Super middle school-ish and not for me, but Sabe Teddy’s big brother who works in a lab and wears a lab coat. Although Sabe likes Emmett, we’re eliminating him as a love interest. Sabe returns to the present time and chats with Landon for a bit to decide if he is a contender for her heart. Here’s what we learn: 1.) he’s scared of scary movies and doesn’t like Teddy watching so many of them, 2.) he wears contact lenses because he thinks glasses make him look like a nerd, like he was in high school (I sense he got teased a lot…), 3.) he won a lifetime supply of chapstick on the internet, and 4.) . You can tell he’s a late bloomer — someone who had a hard time in high school because he was overweight and wore glasses, but now he’s fit and handsome and his brains make him even more desirable. And then, I , but Landon and Sabe topple over on top of each other. But it gives Landon a chance to get personal: Landon says he lost weight and started wearing contact lenses so Sabe would stop paying attention to Teddy and start paying attention to .

Once you have enough successful dialogues with the character, a message letting you know that you can now give gifts to the character will appear.

Dates are a great way to increase your Relationship EXP.

Soooo Sabe says the strangest thing to Nathan, which is that good people die young and she . Maybe they’re going to make the best odd pair in steampunk world… let’s use the 2000 HP to work like mad, make fat stacks, and buy a plastic boyfriend! He can memorize faces, names, and all kinds of information. After chatting a bit more with Roland, we get here: . =) Back to the present time period to see what happens with Landon and Oz.

I notice that when Sabe has two conversation options, if she chooses the “wrong” one, a little sweat icon will appear over her head. His advance chat software makes him a great companion to have around. First, Sabe goes to her room and chats with Oz, learning 1.) he likes the color orange, 2.) he likes the stickers that Sabe gives him.Soooo choosing the right option = you don’t waste HP (because it automatically moves on to the next conversation instead of forcing you to retry it to get the “right” response). let’s see if anybody’s at the train station: to the mysterious guy with the airplane! OMG, Teddy brings up the promise to get married, just out of the blue. How cute, in My Documents on the computer she has a picture of her with Teddy and Landon. Only Landon is all off to the side and looking at Sabe and blushing in the picture. Most are sold out, but there is one left in stock and it’s 50% off! so I don’t blame him for wanting to get out of her cramped bedroom. But I’m not sure if I’m liking this whole dating-a-robot thing. It doesn’t matter, though, because very soon we reach END OF DIALOGUE with Oz!!He must have a real crush on Sabe, which explains why he rescued her and why he wanted to get her away from handsome Nathan. Teddy gives Sabe the Time Jumper device so Landon doesn’t think he stole it. It’s no wonder he went half-mad and decorated her entire room in stickers. It’s a little awkward, because of all places they go to a food court… But they seem to enjoy themselves, as afterwards conversations lead to Oz saying that he wants to touch Sabe’s hair and stuff like that. Sabe says that if Oz ever broke down, even if she got a new android, it would never be able to replace Oz and THE END.So This place is empty except for a piano which I can actually play (super cool — it has enough notes onscreen to play “Yankee Doodle”) and a glass case which seems to have a woman inside but she’s just a motionless shadow. That’s how I am sometimes in real life something, so I like this guy already. : Clockmaker with awesome red hair and a great fashion sense. All-around gentleman, almost too nice but hey, it’s always cool when chivalry is not dead. At first, joking around with Roland doesn’t get us very far, but eventually he seems to catch on to Sabe’s jokes and loosens up a little. And then this happens when Sabe asks him out on a date: That’s okay! I mean, it’s a watch from 100 years in the future, that’s the awesomest gift to get a clockmaker, right?! Nathan must be a true gentleman or just having a George Costanza “no thanks, I don’t want any coffee, it keeps me up” moment… He doesn’t say much about it but wants to get going.Sabe thinks it might be a statue or doll or something. When Sabe talks to him again, he asks what she’s doing here, and Sabe says she’s just looking around… Maybe he’s not as free and easy as Nathan, and Sabe needs to woo him first. The next day, Sabe returns to the warehouse to check on Roland and discovers that he’s about to leave town! He decides that without Eliza, he’d rather be in Reton (the town they were just in) than here, because if he stays here he’ll never see Sabe again. The nice gentleman Sabe has been actively dating for the past two weeks. Now my room is no longer my own, because whenever I return to the Emerald Apartments, my robot Oz is there waiting to talk to me!Okay, so this is a tad awkward: about it and apologizes if he was being awkward there. Sabe can’t like a guy in a cat sweatshirt who calls her a nerd. Now it’s time to explore the town in today’s time period!! As I just outlined, those lab coat types are always super hard to get to know but totally worth it in the end. Sabe’s already got , so she buys an Alix Plushie because they are adorablezzz. When Sabe goes out with Oz, they run into another Oz robot! Now there is one man left to intensely date, and that is OH GOD when I talk to Landon, he gives Sabe a sticker book!

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