Starmate sirius problem updating stations

I argue the finer points of a software update bricking my receiver to no avail.

I really can't believe that they have scripts ready for customers for this planned obsolescence, but are unwilling to fix their own problems. Maybe I should just start with the Customer Relations number.

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I don't want a plug and play device had one in my truck and I prefer the integrated sat radio in the HU. jeff my Starmate that is almost 3 years old has been acting up lately.

Its been getting way more static than normal but I should be able to fix that with the prepaid installation coupon they just sent me.

If they don't at least partially offset a new radio I'm done with them.

I got the update of death this afternoon with my Starmate Replay.

I tried tech support and they refused to help me because the radio was not under warranty.

I told them that it was their fault for bricking the radio and asked to speak to a supervisor. I just fired off an email to customer service and I'll try the other 800 number.

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It's funny that companies are still willing to pull this ******** in the internet age, as if no one can communicate with any other subscribers to realize this isn't a one unit problem. 2.5 years old) died in exactly this manner during the last week of October - channel update, then the "call to subscribe message".

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