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The raised eyebrows are due in part to the way Hillary has seized the stage at certain public appearances. Friends go even further, touting Hillary as the next attorney general by pointing out that she would be better qualified than Robert Kennedy was when his brother named him to the post. That was until all hell broke loose—until the day Bill Clinton was “deflowered” by a cabaret singer who once headlined at the Pinnacle Lounge in Little Rock.

Even the normally unflappable Tom Brokaw was startled when, in the triumphal glow of the southern stomp on Super Tuesday, she shot past her husband to man the microphone. Hillary’s own brother Hugh Rodham, a public defender in Dade County, Florida, foresees even higher callings. The candidate’s strategists huddled in panicky planning sessions. ”In jumped Hillary the litigator: “I don’t want to be any more specific.

Her job description: “Message development.” Even bullyboy Pat Buchanan, Beltway pundits say, wouldn’t have run if it hadn’t been for his sister—who is also his campaign chairwoman.

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There was no fanfare, no spotlight, the lady isn’t even much taller than a podium microphone.

“But there was no missing her,” said Derian, “and that’s really rare. She’s got my vote.”In Los Angeles, at a March 26 salmon-and-spinach luncheon hosted by Hollywood producer Dawn Steel and television producer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (among others), Hillary dazzled an audience that is usually ho-hum about stars and plenty impressed with themselves.

Hillary’s closest confidante, Carolyn Huber, confirms, “She got very enthusiastic about the prospect of running for governor.” Hushing her voice, as if telling a little tale out of school, Huber says, “I think she’d like to be governor, but she wasn’t about to try if Bill wanted to again.”“Some say the wrong Clinton is in the statehouse,” the governor himself drawled at a charity roast of Hillary four years ago, “and I wouldn’t disagree with them.” On February 7, when I asked if he was concerned about being upstaged by his wife, Clinton was unfazed. According to a national survey conducted from March 27 to 29 by Yankelovich Clancy Shulman for , 41 percent of those surveyed have a generally favorable impression of Hillary, while 24 percent have an unfavorable one.

Fifty-five percent think she is an asset to her husband’s campaign; 24 percent think she’s a liability.

“We need to be against brain-dead politics wherever we find it! but instead moves us forward together.” Producer Sherry Lansing pronounced it “an extraordinary speech, ”The sold-out luncheon—her most successful of the season, raising $50,000—came off in the heat of the controversy over Hillary’s role in her husband’s campaign.

” she thundered, looking fierce in a fire-engine-red suit. that doesn’t jerk us to the right, jerk us to the left, prey on our emotions, engender paranoia and insecurity . Her snappish response to Jerry Brown’s broadside on her career—“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas”—had offended millions of women who have chosen to be full-time homemakers, reinvoking the arrogance of the Tammy Wynette quote that so irritated the country-music vote. in the way I express my feelings, so I don’t inadvertently hurt anybody.“I think the only legitimate concern is around the misconstruction of what I said about baking cookies and having tea.

But there is no mistaking the passion in her words or the impact of her presence.

“The she came in the door of the ballroom, I knew it,” said a savvy pol, Patricia Derian, an assistant secretary of state under Jimmy Carter, who saw Hillary sway a big-ticket Washington crowd at a benefit in March.

“You now turn around and as a candidate have a very short memory,” she finished.

As they say in Arkansas, The Eyewitness News man wound up his thrilled coverage with the tag line “Hillary Clinton showed again that she may be the best debater in the family.”It is the Year of the Political Woman.

Blonde too—in fact, Hillary looked like a She conferred with the television crew on colors and camera angles. Kroft’s impression was that Hillary was “tougher and more disciplined than he is. Among his faults, he has a tendency not to think of the consequences of the things he says. “I have acknowledged causing pain in my marriage.” At another point when Kroft pressed him—“I am assuming from your answer that you’re categorically denying that you ever had an affair with Gennifer Flowers”—he took the bait. “So she was reminding him, ‘Hey, buddy, remember our strategy: if you say you’re not going to talk about specific case, and then you talk about one case, you’re blowing the strategy.

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