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But I wasnt sure what my mother-in-law would allow. "She made me think of you, you've both got sexy bodies." "Oh I don't mind,", she replied, "In fact Mom asked me if I minded that she asked you for a massage. She seemed to enjoy being touched by a good looking man for the first time in years". There might have been other man after your dad died." "Oh, only last month she was complaining to me how much she missed being hugged, let alone having a good fucking". She's absolutely panting for a good fuck." "Well, if that massage helped ease her urge a bit, then I did a good deed,? "Maybe..maybe she's happy with the man of the house here..." she said with a wink.

I had grown quite a hard-on by this time, and I could only hope Id be able to hide my swollen cock before either got up from the benches. I let them rest there for a few seconds longer on the outer lips. " "Oh sure honey," my wife laughed, " and did you notice how she was asking for more? "What, do you mean you would be OK with me servicing your mom?

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Mother In Laws Holiday Visit Something special happened this summer.

My mother-in-law is a 51-year-old widow, her husband died a few years ago. My wife and I had grown used to swimming nude there, but of course we used our bathing suits for the occasion. We went to the room next to the sauna and undressed silently. I knew my wife's body thoroughly of course, but I was surprised at how much she resembled her mother. The two women came into the sauna and first we sat silently, enjoying the intense heat on our skin.

Im not sure, but I caught Mom sometimes stealing a furtive glance between my legs. I started in safe mode, massaging her shoulders and spine.

After this turn in the sauna we went swimming again and when we were back inside, my mother-in-law said to me "I wouldnt mind a massage too". But I grew bolder after a while my hands travelled lower and lower, massaging her butt.

My wife lay on her belly, and I understood that she wanted the service I always performed during our sauna.

I went over to her bench and started kneading her shoulders and backside. Normally Id touch her pussy too, and normally that would end in some quite good sexual activity.

So we invited her to come over spend a week with us in our house in France, a beautiful quiet place for ourselves, no neighbors for miles. The second day the weather wasn't so fine, raining and all. I showered first and covered myself with a large towel. I went inside the sauna, but looked at both women through the small window in the door. They were both about the same height, and had feminine broad hips. My wife then spread open her towel and lay down on her back.

I moved over to one side, so that Mom had enough space to do the same.

My wife had a trimmed bush, but Moms pussy was shaved bare.

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