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I do not think it would be restriction on ones freedom of speech because it’s blogger to blogger and not government enforced to have a code of ethics.

Simply put they are good guidelines to follow and best practices are just that good ways to improve ones site. (2015) The first new media tool that I used was QR codes.

I think it would only help the blogger but don’t expect bloggers to follow.

Personally I would because I would want to be credible and have followers and think this would be the best way of doing so.

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In my opinion best practices are guidelines to creating a good blog.

The closest location available was at the Holbrook Counseling Center located at 998 E. The application is connected to Google Maps, so there is the ability to see that it is 2.51 miles away from my current address.

This tool is definitely designed for a more technological savvy audience.

When looking in the “review” section all posts are dated with the most recent post first, which would be the film is the Timely Movie America Needs” (Campea, 2015).

This style of writing is inverted pyramid in which the most important information is listed at the beginning.

One thing that I’ve noticed from looking at both sites is that my home tab “R. Obviously without advertisements it lacks clutter, I also minimized how many widgets were added because there were duplicates ultimately simplifying the site and making it easer for the reader to navigate.

I would absolutely read and follow a Blogger’s Code of Conduct.

QR codes are interactive barcodes that can be scanned from mobile devices, linking the user to a site.

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