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Later, Ayane learned the truth of her conception when Ayame admitted that she was her biological daughter and the half-sibiling cousin to both Hayate and Kasumi.

Driven by her own anger at being cast out, Ayane devoted herself to honing her Hajinmon abilities beyond any other shinobi in the clan to prove that even she, the lowly "cursed child," could become something great.

Ayane was not happy about Kasumi's new role but as Kasumi didn't know how Hayate was injured because Shiden had kept her in the dark, Ayane told her the truth.

After Raidou was killed, Kasumi was kidnapped by DOATEC, prompting Ryu Hayabusa to find her.

Although Ayane hated the idea, she didn't argue with Hayabusa and returned to her village for the time being.

Since then, she has become one of the main protagonists of Dead or Alive (particularly for Dead or Alive 3) and has become one of the series' most popular characters.

As such, she has made many appearances outside of Dead or Alive, most notably in the Ninja Gaiden series.

Ayane was conceived when her mother Ayame, the wife of clan leader Shiden, was raped by Raidou; Shiden's older brother and the progenitor of the Mugen Tenshin's troubles.

Due to her dishonorable birth, the village took a great fear and dislike towards Ayane, naming her "the cursed child" and turned her into an outcast.

Before returning to Hayabusa, Ayane was brainwashed by Genra, who turned out to be working for DOATEC and was really the one behind the tengu's release.

Ayane was set upon Hayabusa and Hayate, and she tried to attack the men alongside Kasumi α. After the fight, Ayane returned to normal and was happy to find that Hayate was okay, although both Kasumi and Kasumi α had gone.

One night, some time after the first tournament, Kasumi α, a clone created by DOATEC from Kasumi's DNA, managed to get into the Mugen Tenshin village and broke into Hayate's room, who was still in a coma.

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