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No-no #3 – The surround by women picture: When I come across a picture of a guy who is surrounded by women, whether they’re real women or clearly model’s I always click no my reasoning is simple, drama.

Men with lot of female friends in my experience come with a lot drama, and who wants that in a guy they haven't met yet?

Below are some of the best Filipina dating site profile tips to get the best results.

Although many are quite modern and have done a fair share of online dating, they still have reservations about meeting men online.

I’ve noticed it myself, guys I’d normally instantly pass on get a second look because their dog is gorgeous…Anyways, that’s just my thoughts on the matter, but I’d love to hear yours.

What advice would you give men when it comes to picking their profile picture?

Forgetting the fact it’s sending out a strong “I’m only here to get laid” message.

If you’re looking for more than that, you’re not going to be happy with the sort of woman a picture like that attracts, so just don’t do it.

This has a lot to do with the importance of religion in Philippine culture.

Not all available Filipinas are virgins but the conservation remains until they are serious about a man.

A complete profile not only highlights all your good qualities but is more visually appealing to women.

It shows transparency which is an endearing quality.

Most sites have several areas to enter information about yourself.

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