Dating waiting and recognizing your soulmate

I am often on Twitter and see young women in particular sending messages to their “future husbands.” Last night a young girl tweeted that she was praying for her future husband whom she had never even met.Have you ever wondered if you met your soul mate, would you know right away?A reader of this blog and friend emailed me last week to tell me about her heartbreaking situation and asked me what my thoughts were about it.

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Dating waiting and recognizing your soulmate

Part of that intense connection is that they are aligned in their goals as well as visions of their lives.

In other words, they want the same things out of life. Soul mates can have great lives individually but when they meet their life partners who they are truly meant to be with as part of God’s plan, then life becomes that much more blessed.

But he was more likely a soul mate that helped you to re-direct your course onto the right path so you can meet your long-term, soul mate partner.

I lovingly think of my own last heartbreak (which I’m so thankful for now) as my “wake up call guy.” Sounds like this guy was your wake up call guy.

First let me address the concept of for sure (to say the least because I’m not a channel, enlightened, and don’t have memories of my soul life before incarnating in this body as a squealing baby) – but what I’ve noticed in my life and my feeling is that we have soul mates in two major categories: 1) The long term life journey growth and expansion kind, and 2) The short term, smack you in the face, wake you up so you get on the right path to what you really should have kind.

So with that in mind…yes, this man could have been your soul mate.

As a result of such a connection, your partner will have eyes for only you, and he/she is not scanning the room looking at everyone else or checking out other potential partners. There is a precious quality in the relationship; you are meant to be together so as a result, you are irreplaceable.

God has made that person for you and vice versa, so there is a level of respect in this relationship when you both know that the other one is not so easily replaced in life.

We hear a lot about finding that person who was prepared by God.

We call him or her our “soul mate.” You won’t actually have a soul mate until you’ve mated another soul.

She felt he was in love with her as much as she was with him.

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