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With washing machine cam timers, it is necessary to wait a variable amount of time (for example waiting for a tank of water to heat up to a preset temperature).

To achieve this, the cam motor subjects itself to control by one of its switches.

Cam timers and drum sequencers were primarily used with industrial machines to control repetitive sequencing operations. Cam timers in industry were superseded with the introduction of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which offer improved flexibility and more complicated control logic functions.

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The timer sequence switches the cam motor off, and the motor is started again by the signal from the thermostat when the required temperature is reached.

Usually washing machines thermostats have fewer fixed temperature detection points than the number of wash temperatures used.

A drum sequencer is a reprogrammable electromechanical timing device used to activate electric switches in repetitive sequences.

Primarily, these sequencers were used in industrial applications to enable automated manufacturing processes.

For intermediate temperatures, the cam mechanism uses the stop and wait method to heat to the nearest temp below the one desired, then uses only fixed timing of the heating element to increase the water to the desired temperature.

Some cam timers also have a fast forward mode, where applying power to a point on the controller causes rapid advance of the mechanism. Rapid advance can be achieved by moving of gearing, which may be triggered by various means.

Where the peg lies along the circular circumference of the drum determines at what point in the spin of the drum the peg will activate the switch.

By controlling the timing and sequence of switches, the drum performs repetitive switching operations.

The switches then operate different elements of the controlled system - for example motors, valves, etc.

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