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There is also a club called the Ninth Floor, which attracts mainly young locals and curious flamboyant gentlemen like yourselves! It’s known locally as “JJ Disco” and any taxi driver will know it.It’s located in the Mingal Zei group of buildings, north of the old British colonial area and close to Kandawgyi Lake.Feel free to check out the thousands of sexy Nigerian men and women on our site.

The majority of Burmese prostitutes in Thailand are from ethnic minorities.

Foodies should check out the excellent street food of Yangon, including the many road side tea stalls.

Approximately 70 brothels, mostly in the form of tents and bamboo huts, operate on a cheaper red light zone, along a 30 mile stretch of highway to Naypyidaw.

Burmese sex workers also operate in Yunnan, China, particularly the border town of Ruili.

Whilst Queen Elizabeth in the UK recently “signed” gay marriages into law, 150 years ago, Queen Victoria oversaw section 377 of the 1860 Penal Code being passed into law, which criminalised sodomy with up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine.

Although section 377 remains today (like similar laws in India and Sri Lanka), we couldn’t find any recent enforcement of it.

As you know, same sex sexual activity is still illegal and in theory punishable by fines and possibly life imprisonment.

Although this law is rarely ever enforced, its very existence is an insult to the LGBT community here.

Well the truth is that traditionally it’s supposed to be worn commando and in the villages that’s the real deal.

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