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Sweden was the third country to legally recognise same-sex unions, after Denmark and Norway.Registered partnerships gave the full range of protections, responsibilities and benefits as marriage, including adoption and arrangements for the breakdown of the relationship only available to same-sex couples. In vitro fertilisation for lesbian couples was allowed in 2005.

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Göran Hägglund, the leader of the Christian Democrats, stated on Swedish Radio, "My position is that I have been tasked by the party to argue that marriage is for men and women. When we discuss it between parties we are naturally open and sensitive to each other's arguments and we'll see if we can find a line that allows us to come together." On 12 December 2007, the Church of Sweden gave the green light for same-sex couples to wed in the church, but recommended the term marriage be restricted to opposite-sex couples.

It was asked by the Government for its opinion on the matter before the introduction of legislation in early 2008.

The report, issued in March 2007, supported enacting a gender-neutral marriage law and abolishing the registered partnership law (registered partnerships would be automatically converted into marriages) while granting an "opt-out" to religious institutions, which would allow them to refuse to marry same-sex couples.

This last point was quite controversial and increased calls for a civil-only marriage law.

The committee further suggested that the Swedish Government bring the changes into effect by 1 January 2008.

Six of the seven political parties of the national Parliament were in favour of such a reform.However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.making Sweden the seventh country in the world to open marriage to same-sex couples nationwide.On , media sources reported that a married same-sex couple from Canada were challenging the Swedish Government in court because it refused to recognise their relationship as a marriage.Although a lower court – including the Court of Appeals – refused to hear the case, Sweden's highest administrative court, the Supreme Administrative Court, agreed to hear the case.Existing registered partnerships will remain in force, and can be converted to a marriage if the parties so desire, either through a written application or through a formal ceremony.

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