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"So you're truly happy she dresses you like this, makes you do the housework and screws other men? At first she did to me what she's telling you to do to Robert and I must confess that soon I was loving to be "made" to dress in feminine attire. I also found that when I was dressed like a maid I thought and acted like a maid and actually loved to do housework.

Madam has explained to me that the proper uniform puts you in the correct frame of mind for the task. When I am to study my female studies I change into a schoolgirl's outfit and when I exercise I put on my cheerleader uniform.

They’re all good lovers and can make love to her at least three times before needing a rest. “I know how much better she feels when she has the attention and skill she needs and deserves and it's sad to see her have to go days without that kind of service.""You mean it doesn’t bother you that she goes to bed with other men? She would be really bored with me and would most likely divorce me if I were her only source of sex and I'm sure she'd be extremely bored.

She tried several others but they weren't good enough for Madam."Anna said, "Well, you seem to be okay with her having lovers. No, Ma'am, I much prefer that she is happy and that happens when she has good lovers.

I began to explain to her, "Anna, this is my husband, Sissie.

As you can see, I've transformed him into my personal maid.

They're so much happier and healthier once they're trained and we girls have so much more fun. ""Yes, but your husband isn't around to stop you.""You're right in a way: he's not around to stop me; he's here to support my efforts and serve me as a proper sissy maid cuckold husband should.""What are you talking about? “The only person here is your maid and she's here to wait on you hand and foot.

I should be so lucky."I laughed and called Sissie to the dining area.Next time Robert is all excited, stop him and say, ‘Robert I can't take it any more. Then really give him great sex; the best he has ever had.I love you but the hair on your body totally turns me off. I will no longer have sex with you until you do something about your hairy body.’ He'll ask what to do and you tell him to shave it off; all of it; legs, underarms, chest, belly and backside. This will teach him that if he does as you say he will be rewarded but that if he does not do what you want then he suffers.""It sounds pretty easy. " Anna asked incredulously."Yes, as long as you don't give in.I don't think he'll like that.""I assure you he will love it and thank you for it once you're done.Males truly love to please women but they have no training or guidance on how to do it, so it's up to you to do it.Now buy him some hair remover and get him used to keeping his body clean every day or he gets no sex.

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