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Of the three numbers involved in this calculation, it is the only one for which no citation was given by TA.Only "by some estimates" @Andrew_FL and Jon Murphy, Jon Murphy- I think you're neglecting a more obvious explanation-that 1 million is a vast overestimate of the number of prostitutes.Female prostitution is both illegal in most American cities and extremely dangerous, as prostitutes face risks of violence from the environment and clients.

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When I worked in an underground nickel mine in 1969, some of the miners, who were looking out for me, told me never to become a lumberjack. It's hard to see a downside to it, unless one regards prostitution as violence in and of itself (as many legislators do) and thinks reducing prostitution is worth a few (hundred, or thousand? I would say that the government's actions against sites like backpage and craigslist and the support such actions enjoy in congress is more evidence that, if anything, bipartisan support for a policy just means the policy is likely twice as dumb as if only one side supported it.

So what did our wonderful governments do, because they "care" so much about prostitutes? Often I get the distinct feeling that people become very uncomfortable not with prostitutes existing, but prostitutes becoming visible, or worse, becoming visibly successful. We can unofficially have a lot of prostitution, but the minute it becomes obvious to people who don't usually look for it (in this case via craig's list) people want to make it invisible to themselves again, even if they seem uninterested in doing things that would actually reduce prostitution (not that I think it should be stopped).

And if they're exonerated on charges related to pimping and/or sex/human trafficking?

You know where to go when you’re looking for a roommate, a job or a used bike, but have you used Craigslist for online dating?

I wonder why this most obvious thing was ever doubted.

Mario Vargas Llosa's funny novel "Pantaleón y Las Visitadoras" describes the adventures of an officer of the Peruvian Army charged with providing prostitutes to the soldiers stationed in the remote Amazon frontier.There is an entire section on the classified site devoted to people looking for a human connection — personal ads ranging from missed connections, women for men, men for women, women for women, men for men, strictly platonic, miscellaneous romance and casual encounters.Like most of the site, the posts are listed chronologically with the newest first.This is from Scott Cunningham, Gregory De Angelo, and John Tripp, "Craigslist's Effect on Violence Against Women," November 2017. That Craigslist allowed women to learn more about potential clients.One thing I hadn't known: , it's almost double the annual number of fatalities per 100,000 for lumberjacks, which is 118. By the way, I learned about the Cunningham et al paper from this outstanding, and comprehensive, article, "The Best Sex Work Writing of 2017," by Elizabeth Nolan Brown of The internet (well, craigslist, backpage, etc.) certainly must've made customer screening much easier and reduced security costs (i.e., pimps).We also find modest evidence that erotic services reduced female rape offenses.

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