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They signed their first black player in 1990, when Dalian Atkinson joined the club from Sheffield Wednesday.Again, Aldridge was the top scorer with 17 goals, while Atkinson supplemented him with a second-highest total of 12 within the club.The following season saw them reach the European Cup semi-finals, having defeated the likes of Celtic and Sporting Lisbon en-route to the semi-final defeat against Hamburger SV, who went on to win the cup.

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Just something ive been working on in between commissions. its on my list of things to do before I die Oh and that picture you just took..... not as a date or nothing if that makes ya nervous just as friends. *blushes* im really pleased with how this turned out.

Star can still play all innocent and coy, but she can also get into more deviant situations which is something I enjoy but wouldnt ever really put gem through Sees the nice poofy diaper* Oh noting I was just going to ask if there was a cute crinkle butt in the room with pretty pink ends on her hair that wanted to go see a movie or get some ice cream.

In his debut season, Aldridge scored 16 goals for the club, becoming their top scorer.

The club finished fifth in Aldridge's first season with the club.

They were formed on the 7th of September 1909, making the club 104 years old.

D., more commonly known as Real Sociedad, are a Spanish team currently competing in La Liga.

The addition of 'Real' from the King in 1910 made the club adopt its current identity.

The club were founding members of La Liga in 1928, but during the Spanish Civil War in 1931, the club renamed to Donostia Football Club before returning to Real Sociedad after the conclusion of the civil war in 1939.

They are right up there with candy corn and those chalky Valentine's hearts in terms of holiday specific candies that should be abolished. *nods* yep she is my grown up side, whereas Gem is my baby side.

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