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As the Union Square subway station fills with commuters Monday afternoon, a woman stops at one of the busking bands, pulls out a bill in exchange for the group’s CD, then runs to catch a Q train. Before they even finish unpacking their instruments, a small crowd begins to form. ” asks passer-by Weston Hatfield, a 26-year-old commodities trader who lives on the Upper East Side. (from left), Matt Doe and David “King of Sludge” Parks make up the band Too Many Zooz, a subterranean sensation that draws crowds at the Union Square subway station and has racked up fans online.After a band member nods, Hatfield says: “I’ll be back later to watch.” Meet Too Many Zooz, a local band whose vibrant, heart-pounding tunes and impressive dance moves have turned them into the city’s newest musical phenomenon, thanks in part to a You Tube video of their performance that went viral on Reddit, accumulating more than 700,000 views to date. Trumpet player Matt Doe, baritone saxophonist Leo P.We also have groups available to hire, which can add funky upbeat music to your celebration.

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“That was one of the impetuses for me going down [to the subway] and having to play every day, to move,” says a thankful Parks.

But their unique sound didn’t leave them with many other options, as clubs hesitate to book bands that don’t conform to the clichéd pop-music formula.

“I remember the first day that we played, I thought, ‘Wow, there’s something here,’ ” recalls Pittsburgh-born Leo P., who declines to give his full name.

“If we had a recording of that first day, it would be so different.

“It speaks to the changing New York club scene,” explains Parks.

“Roseland Ballroom and other famous clubs are closing.and Parks played together in another busking band, the Drumadics.They all came together with a simple goal: to make some extra cash.A saxophonist is versatile Along with a huge repertoire of music to keep guests of every age entertained, they can also perform at just about any part of an event.For example, at weddings a sax player can lead the bride and groom down the aisle for the ceremony and then perform some cool jazz in the afternoon.Apart from the wide range of music that a sax player can add to any function, from Rock and Pop to Jazz and Soul, there are loads of reasons to book one.

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