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Of course, when re-encoding music you will lose some information and quality but I find the difference between an MP3 320 / FLAC and OGG quality 5 barely noticeable.And as it’s a bit smaller, more music can be stored and thus preferred.\r\n\r\n To convert the files I use sound Konverter.Some nice fields to remember:\r\n \r\n I find it the most efficient way to select the folder containing one artist and look if all the fields are filled.

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So instead of editing one file, Ctrl S, and selecting a new file; you can edit one file and directly select a new file without saving first (and waiting for puddletag to write the changes).

You do have to explicitly save the preview mode.\r\n\r\n To use the preview mode, you can use the Preview Mode-menu or use Ctrl-Shift-P to start and Ctrl-W to save.

You must select an file to which you want to apply the action. When you use the edit dialogs, you can hover over the edit boxes to get additional information.

So I suggest that you add the actions when you need them.\r\n\r\n Some nice actions are:\r\n \r\n The above list uses ‘function name’ | ‘edit box name’ = ‘what to enter without quotes (“”)’ | … (How do you think I learned all this…)\r\n\r\n Unfortunately, you cannot create a new directory conditionally with Tag to Dir.

This allows the cd ART Manager plugin to save the artwork together with you music to allow easy backup of your whole library.

And this also gives you the ability to browse your collection and play your songs with VLC, etc…\r\n\r\n I do have to warn you, this is my preferred way( and I think its the best way).

Some parts can be skipped if you don’t need it.\r\n \r\n The useful programs to help you manage all your music are:\r\n \r\n \r\n Although some people tend to disagree, I like to keep all the track in my library the same format.

I chose ogg vorbis as it allows arbitrary comments, is smaller in size, sounds better (to me) and it’s free.

This and so much more is all possible and easy with Kodi.

In order to fully appreciate all the artwork that can be found here, you might want to organize all your music.

And using Ctrl S to write the changes.\r\n\r\n If some difficult fields like track and title are not filled, I try the tag from filename (Ctrl T or T-icon) function.

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