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HE was actually able to make contact with a manager while my boss and I were given the run around, and he came back onto the line to inform me that had been taken from each room and that the manager was going to stand by that.

His platitudes were insincere as was his apology for the poor experiences that we had, as well as the apology (which I can’t help but find insincere) from the manager at the Eugene Comfort Inn.

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I see on the website that she is mentioned in several reviews with poor remarks… I have stayed at better hotels for the rate that was charged. I have filed a lien on this property but that does not seem to help the situation of getting paid. Went to a posh hotel up the road and slept wonderfully knowing the room was bug free. This line of hotel chains is only out to get the consumers money. You bastards take advantage of people looking to get a good deal. You all should be ashamed of how you accomodate your fellow human being.

I had no choice but to stay there as my business had already paid for the room for me in order to attend a nearby conference. I think you need to do some changes/the needed updates not just the first impressions when you walk in, and maybe more people may stay and enjoy it. I know you cant do anything about this, but it hurts to know people can be work so hard and not get paid a penny. After numerous complaints, I received an email from the “GM” stating I would recieve a refund. You should be ashamed by the person who runs the hotel and fire him and the crappy cleaning staff. Reply I currently work as an office manager for a local auto shop, one where the owner does quite a bit of travel for work.

I will never stay there again, nor will I recommend this place to anyone, and I am going to report it to the BBB. I watched you on Undercover Boss you seem like a very genuine and heart filled family guy. Thank you for listening, Alicia Reply Took numerous photos of my room. This was not the first time he has stayed at this establishment but it is most definitely the last.

Apparently, even corporate doesn’t care as I see all of these awful reviews on this site as well!!! Reply Had bad luck in the past staying at quality inn. Dead frog, alive bugs on walls, endless burn holes in blankets and sheets. Through my own experience in the last two hours, I can say the level of professionalism and basic customer service is severely lacking, if not nonexistent.

I can promise that I will not be recommending the Comfort Inn in Eugene to ANYONE, and if asked I will most definitely be sharing this experience.

If there was a star rating, I’d give it as low of a score as possible. There are bugs An mold all in there An day he refuses to fix it because he is so cheap.

Had car trouble early and quality inn at Trinidad Co. My boss checked in 10/26 for a reservation of two rooms with two queen beds for himself and one of the mechanics, with a check out of 10/27.

From the start there were issues where it was either the key cards or the actual lock itself, where neither rooms could be successfully accessed.

There are currently over 6000 locations operating under 10 different brand names.

The Choice Hotels corporate office is currently located in Silver Spring, Maryland but will be moving about 20 miles to Rockville in 2013. Staff was helpful with giving location of restaurants and the mall in the area.

Choice Hotels started out in 1939 in Maryland under the name Quality Courts United, a group of 7 motel owners.

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