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I admit that I've never been a big Mii user, but the option is there if you want it. My 3DS was easy and quick to set up and games fire up right away, even the first time I play them.Some of the newer games I've played on Play Station 3 have taken up to 30 minutes to load before I could play them.

If your thumbs need a break, try playing on stylus mode. If you've spent anytime around Nintendo lately you've probably seen those little people called Miis.

You can make an avatar for yourself or anyone else who uses the console and use them to interact with the online community.

Definitely a multi-platform gamer, he still holds the old dear PC nearest to his heart, while not disregarding any console on the market.

RPGs (of any nationality) and MMORPGs are his daily bread, but he enjoys almost every other genre, prominently racing simulators, action and sandbox games.

Luckily it’s “100% in the game.” If you’re wondering what it’s all about, you can see it in action in one of my videos (starring popular Japanese porn-star and model Anri Okita) of the Japanese version of the game, and in a second clip featuring Yua Mikami.

Just keep in mind that while no actual nudity is shown, they’re quite unsafe for work. After that we get to see the in-game port ofgameplay, with Kazuma Kiryu having some fun in Kamurocho.

First we had the DS, a fantastic upgrade that allowed us to play our Game Boy Advance games and the slick new DS games. Then followed 3DS, a handheld that allows us to play specific games in 3D without glasses. I certainly had my share of questions when I picked up my 3DS. Street Pass lets you share game data with other users who are in the area.

In the end, I kept my original DS, traded in my DSi XL and opted for the 3DS. There are more well-received games than ever before and the version that arrives on Feb. If I didn't already own a 3DS, it would be a tempting purchase. This only works if you allow it, so you don't need to panic too much about strangers with prying eyes. I laughed out loud at taking pictures of my pets and seeing them in 3D.

In some cases, it's worth the money to buy a new console for the extended warranty. If you're all about the audio, take note that 2DS has mono speakers (although the sound is better, as always, with headphones).

3DS XL audio is in stereo and, if it's anything like my 3DS, it will also sound clearer with decent headphones.

There is one thing that was actually changed in the western version of the game, but this one is entirely understandable: Sega did not manage to get the license for the branding of a character’s shoes for the west, so they had to make a slight visual change to the shoes themselves. Interestingly we also hear that the team at Sega actually added a little feature to the western version of the game.

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