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The notion of tabula rasa ("clean slate" or "blank tablet") connotes a view of mind as an originally blank or empty recorder (Locke used the words "white paper") on which experience leaves marks. The image dates back to Aristotle: What the mind (nous) thinks must be in it in the same sense as letters are on a tablet (grammateion) which bears no actual writing (grammenon); this is just what happens in the case of the mind.

(Aristotle, On the Soul, 3.4.430 Aristotle's explanation of how this was possible was not strictly empiricist in a modern sense, but rather based on his theory of potentiality and actuality, and experience of sense perceptions still requires the help of the active nous.

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Empiricism, often used by natural scientists, says that "knowledge is based on experience" and that "knowledge is tentative and probabilistic, subject to continued revision and falsification." The English term empirical derives from the Ancient Greek word ἐμπειρία, empeiria, which is cognate with and translates to the Latin experientia, from which are derived the word experience and the related experiment.

A central concept in science and the scientific method is that it must be empirically based on the evidence of the senses.

For example, John Locke held that some knowledge (e.g.

knowledge of God's existence) could be arrived at through intuition and reasoning alone.

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A true Christian seeks to conform to God's will; a self-centered man exalts his own will.

Sadly, evolutionists have further wrecked science, spreading more lies in the astronomy field, spreading more confusion and causing more scientific and technological stagnation and religious/spiritual confusion as a result.

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