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However, you don’t need to worry about competition. You’ll make a lasting impression that will eventually get his full attention and affection.

It doesn’t take him very long to choose the one person he feels understands him.

Soon all the others will disappear or become friends. He’d much rather be in a one-on-one situation than go on a bunch of dates that aren’t leading to anything meaningful. What a Pisces Man Really Wants When Dating The Pisces man wants to date someone who makes him feel relaxed and comfortable.

When it comes to dating, the Pisces man will pull out all the romantic stops. As a water sign, he needs time to wind down and recharge his batteries fairly often.

They will leave you feeling; fascinated, interested, happy, loved, confused, angry, happy, sad, excited, confused and so on.

Don’t give in to them too easily, don’t get too close too soon, be independent, give them space and get used to their mood changes because these mood changes will always, always be there and you won’t understand why and that is because there will be a part of pisces where no one will have access to.

They will carry on with being romantic and when with him, nothing else will matter as you will be in his dreamland with him.

You just have to make sure to make him feel loved and secure as well as be affectionate and kind.Astrology saves the best for last when it comes to romance, as Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac.Depicted as the pair of fish, he has two ways he can appear: outgoing and social or detached and shy.They are hence good kissers and if you want a good cuddle he is your man…and more.They tend to be a little adventurous and hate depressing people otherwise they get bored. Pisces men are indecisive creatures, the sign is two fish going in the opposite direction.At the end of a date, its very likely they will hug you and sublty go in for a kiss, of course they will first analyse you too make sure you’re interested whilst on the date.

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